The lottery game, widely spread in Mexico, is a game of chance that consists of a deck of 54 or 56 cards and an indefinite number of cards, usually from 2 to 30 or more if many people participate, called tables with 16 of these cards chosen randomly in a 4 × 4 table, although there are also smaller 3 × 3 cards for children or larger 5 × 5 ones.
In 2021, Picnic Arts Media & Avocado Blockchain will build a crypto game called Cryptolotería, where several artists would create a set of 54 cards reinterpreting the designs of the original lottery. Each artist would give their special touch and style to the 54 cards.
My intention was to make a bridge between magical realism and surrealism, always preserving a touch of Mexicanness. All pieces are my original work.
The game was a success in the crypto market, making Cryptolotería a unique game of its kind.
Picnic Arts Media / Avocado Blockchain

Art direction
Creative direction
Visual design
Brand design
Valeria Villaseñor, Mónica Vázquez, Victor M Rodriguez

Avocado Blockchain
Raúl Ramírez Sánchez, Ingmar F, Raymundo Cámara Sánchez

David Pat Alejos

Crypto platform partner
Jesús M José

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