There is a war under the ocean. Our natural paradises are in danger because of our plastic usage. Plastic that ends up in the sea and becomes a lethal weapon that harms millions of marine animals every year.
In order to make tourists more conscious when visiting these paradises, we are showing them this problem by turning waste into bullets, and inviting them to make peace with the ecosystem by joining Corona’s beach clean ups.
As art director for Media Monks México, I was in charge of this project commissioned by Draftline Colombia. Working in record time to deliver the pieces in time for publication in the various media.
The work was a combination of several images into 3 photographic compositions, intended to serve as digital and outdoor prints. The creative direction was from the Draftline Colombia team with whom we obtained satisfactory results.
Corona / Draftline Colombia

Art direction
Photo composition
Visual design
Brand design
Creative direction
Jose Luis Rueda, Carlos Lezama, Daniel Rincón, Daniel Jaramillo
Draftline / Mediamonks

Paula Domínguez, Regina Cárdenas

Valentín Villamil

Global brands manager
Diego Pomareda

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